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Tipu’s Chai allows you to bring an authentic Indian chai experience to your customers. Our bold and spicy chai is a fan favorite that will keep your customers coming back for more. A special blend of real tea and spices, Tipu’s Chai is the perfect addition to your retail line or your café’s drink menu.

Our products are also versatile enough to be used in making other drinks such as pumpkin spice chai latte, spiced cider, “dirty chai”, cocktails and other creative concoctions. For more ideas, see our recipe page or contact us.

To top it all off, by ordering Tipu’s Chai, you are doing your part to reduce fossil fuel usage. To avoid shipping heavy bottles of liquid concentrate across the country, we developed our Tipu’s Chai Now®  line for both retail and food service. In fact our Tipu’s Chai Now Sweet & Spicy concentrate mix is simple! Just add water and you instantly create an easy to use liquid concentrate.

To explore our products and hear about promotional opportunities and merchandising tools, please call us at 406-883-4500, or complete this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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