“Derby Chai” – Bourbon Chai Cocktail

“Derby Chai” – Bourbon Chai Cocktail

with Tipu's Chai

It goes without saying that we love our chai, right? But did you know we also love cocktails?

Chai goes with so many kinds of liquor but we were looking for something a little different.

So we started looking for a perfect chai cocktail recipe and were  inspired by a recipe we saw on Saveur.com for a Bourbon Chai Cocktail served hot. We thought this recipe, modified a bit, would be perfect made with our Tipu’s Chai Now® – Sweetened Chai Tea Blend aka Sweet & Spicy and served cold and up.

The spiciness of bourbon adds to and enhances the spices in our chai.  We chose a local bourbon called Neversweat made in nearby Butte, MT by Headframe Spirits.  And we really love Willie’s Bighorn Bourbon, also local folks.  And our quick brew Tipu’s Chai Now® makes it so easy to brew up a fabulous cocktail in no time at all!
We have served this at the Winter Fancy Food Show and with people coming back for seconds even thirds, we know we have a hit on our hands.

It was also a pretty big hit for Father’s Day.



“Derby Chai” – Bourbon Chai Cocktail with Tipu's Chai

  • Serves: 2
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
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  • To make the chai, mix 6 teaspoons Tipu’s Chai Now® – Sweetened Chai Tea Blend with 6 oz. water and 6 oz. Almond Milk
  • Stir until chai is mixed and dissolved (because we use real spices, not everything will dissolve)
  • Fill a martini shaker (or large jar) with ice
  • Pour chai over ice, add 1 oz. of Bourbon
  • Stir (or shake if that is your preference)
  • Strain and serve – either up or over ice
  • Enjoy responsibly
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